Olly Mason. 23 years old, North Shore Auckland. 

What are your passions in life?

My passions would have to be… Learning about God whether it be getting into the word, online sermons or just yarning to people about it. Surfing’s is pretty fun, so is guitar. I do enjoy a bit of veggie gardening, home brewing and spear fishing but in terms of what really drives me, definitely seeing people come to know Christ.

 How did you come to get involved with CS?

We moved next door to butch from North Shore Christian Surfers when I was 11 and started going along soon as I turned 13. Loved it ever since – back then I just loved the surf trips and mischief we got up to.

 How long have you been leading CS North Shore?

2 years and a leader for about 5 years.

 Some favourite memories so far during your time with CS?

Some rugged overnighters come to mind, like a mystery overnighter to sandy bay where we went for a midnight moonlight surf when we got there. It was an icy snooze under a tarpaulin until sunrise then straight back into the water. Epic waves and hangs.

Or perhaps Taranaki Easter camp a few years back where we got 4-6 foot long period, light offshore points the whole weekend, then Mokau off the chain for 3 hours on the drive back!

What is your favourite surf spot?

Hmm that’s a tricky one, I’m a bit of nomad to be honest. No absolute favourite. I love Tairua and tawharanui but just wherever there’s a punchy bank and good company.

What has the Lord been speaking to you about the last few months?

Sheesh Tay, some important things! The most important being how essential it is to revolve nscs around biblical discipleship. God has also really convicted me of being as outward as I can with the treasure I sit on -the gospel. From that I’ve been challenged not to cover up the treasure like the servant in Mathew 24:14-30 and pursue God more. He’s challenged me to pursue him in the form of investing time into discipling younger leaders, group and individual prayer, self study and proclaiming God’s truths anywhere I can.

Discipleship has definitely been highlighted more than anything though. Just the importance of rising up the next generation to be passionate about carrying out the global purpose of God, to show Christ to all people nations. Its so key. Mathew 28:18-20.

What kind of overseas mission did you spend time with?

I visited Destiny Rescue shelters this year on a team tours. Destiny Rescue (DR) is a faith based organisation that rescues children out of sexual slavery .

 Can you tell us a little about what you’re involvement with DR now?

A common theme with me seems to be general not knowing much very far ahead so I don’t know when I’m going back but I can tell you about what DRNZ will support once its up an running, which is… the rescue and restoration of children that have been sexually enslaved. DR is a faith based organisation that shows them God’s love and purpose for their lives as well as rehabilitation and vocational training.

How can CSNZ help, pray, support you in this?

Prayers for God to empower, enable and bless the start up of DRNZ would be very appreciated, as well as for the overall goal – to end the sexual enslavement of children in our lifetime. So please pray for God to use us, yourself and whoever he may to do that.

We fully trust that with God at the centre this is achievable. God is really at work amongst Destiny Rescue so I would encourage you to visit http://www.destinyrescue.org/aus/ and get yourself involved. Spread the word about DR, not a lot of people know that every 26 seconds a child gets trafficked into a lifetime of sexual slavery. I would personally recommend going on a team trip and seeing it all first hand, its a life changer for sure. I think on a more personal level the biggest thing you can do is ask yourself if it were you’re brother or sister being sex trafficked what exactly you would do to get them out? Really though, imagine it. nAnd then remember they are someone’s brother, sister or daughter and God’s child who he loves! So choose to do something or choose to do nothing :). Mathew 24:45.

I will be heading over to Thailand on the 17th October to work with Destiny Rescue. As the position and living expenses are unpaid i will need some help to fund this. So for more details about what I will be doing and how you can help have a look at https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/1369. Cheers!

Olly Mason


Interview by Taylor McDonald

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