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How did you get involved with CS?
To be honest, I’m not really sure. It’s pretty random-I just know a few people involved here and there so I suppose it was just through a friend.

What are some places you love to surf/want to surf?
Well….I’m still pretty new to surfing so I have only really surfed locally. I’ve got the bug badly which makes me willing to surf anything and everything. Castlepoint, Tora and Dee Dee’s would be my favourite so far. There certainly are some Wairarapa gems which have definitely beaten the Welly wave experience. So far as places I want to surf? Pretty much any beautiful break where the water is warm enough to flag the wetsuit. Oh and no crowds would be nice.

If you could travel somewhere where would you go and why?
There are a few places I want to go to. Africa would be number one on the list. I would also love to go to Mexico and some other places in South America….I suppose some of the islands wouldn’t hurt.

How is university going/what are you studying?
I’m currently in my final year finishing a bachelor of health science with a major in sport and exercise. Eventually I want to do my diploma in teaching and go on to teach P.E in Secondary or otherwise work with primary/ intermediate age group.

So I know you are a musician and have a heart for missions. After hearing you share a little bit about the future would you be able to share a little bit about what you are wanting / planning to do?
Basically at the moment I am writing and doing whatever local gigs I can. Along-side music, I have set up a charity called Running with Purpose (RWP) which works through World Vision but provides cheaper options to sponsor a group of children for people who are unable to afford the full amount each month. Basically people can choose how much they want to donate starting from $5 per month. The plan is to take a gap year from study next year and go over to meet the RWP sponsor kids. Theidea is that I can use my music to promote the charity/ fundraise to get over to Africa next year.

So far as the music goes- I would love to get a trio together in the future and record a full length album.

What made you pic the ministry in Africa you are interested in?
I don’t think that there was any specific moment where I thought “Africa.” It’s just a part of my make-up- Some people really want to go to India or Japan; I’ve never even considered it. I think the great thing about going to a third world country is that it puts life in perspective. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the western culture of working a 9-5 job, making money and buying nice toys but when you’re so innocent to how the rest of the world lives, it’s hard to count your blessings.

So I know you are planning a trip this summer to play music, write and try and raise money? Where do you plan on going? What is your goal you are hoping to reach?
At the moment, it’s going to be wherever the wind blows me. I have a few gigs lined up for a couple of different towns around the North Island. The plan is to play at pubs/ cafés or do lounge/ garden gigs at people’s houses. Basically I’ll be using the donations/ gig money to pay for expenses of the trip but the main goal of the tour is to finish selling my EP which I will be using to fundraise for a trip to Africa next year.

In a few words do you mind describing and telling the audience a little bit about yourself?
Well to start off with, I LOVE surfing. It’s a bit ridiculous- get me in the water and I will be the happiest person you could ever meet. The ultimate weekend would be surfing 6 hours a day and finishing with beers and guitar around a bonfire. Oh yes.

I would also say I’m not very satisfied by following the crowd- I’m all about making life count and leaving a legacy. Everyone has a reason to be here. That’s why we’re all so different. So why settle for less than what you can achieve? When there’s a will, there’s a way. There’s always going to be people that think you’re unrealistic- I guess I’m starting to care less about what people think and more about what actually counts.

What music inspired you and molded you? Fav songs/genres/musicians?
Ben Howard, Jon Foreman, John Butler Trio, Daughter, Matt Corby, Coldplay. Musical influence is always changing but my favourite style fits in with that sort of indie rock/ folky type music. I also love a bit of kiwi reggae. I’m right into lyrics. I think Jon Foreman and Ben Howard are both amazing lyricists. They definitely make you read between the lines.

How can CSNZ get behind you and help you in your ministry that you are involved in?
Obviously I’m trying to plan this trip around the North Island at the moment so if anyone has cool set up for a lounge or garden gig and they are keen to have me play/ possibly accommodate me that would be amazing!  Other than that- just helping me raise awareness for the music and charity. The more sponsor children we can get on board for 2014, the greater the kick start. If anyone’s keen to find out more info then they can check out:
The website
My bandcamp
Follow me on Facebook
or Flick me an email

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