CSNZ would first like to thank all the sponsors for supporting and helping out with this surf Competition here at Waihi Beach: Billabong, Volcom, RipCurl, Rusty, RPM, Oakley and Backdoor. Without your support this would not have been as successful as it was so thanks so much for your contribution and your support not only for this comp but for surfing worldwide. You guys are so much appreciated for what you all do and give back to the surf community.

This comp was help to get people together, participate with the local Waihi Boardriders and most importantly support and raise funds for a family who suffered great loss after the typhoon hit the Philippines several months ago. “One of the things we don’t realize, as surfers is that when we pray for surf and get excited about massive cyclones coming our way, is that these cyclones devastate many families and communities along the way,” says Geoff Hutchison. “ It is amazing to get people here not just to surf but to support people who suffer loss when swell comes our way.”

There was much anticipation for our first event for quite some time and with the
Randomness of wind swell showing up in many different reports we were quite unsure about what to expect. The night before the comp the swell was setting about .5m and to be honest it was looking like a slim chance that this was going to work out. With much thought, swell checking on the internet and a few prayers for some wind swell to hold we woke up with heaps of end and a report saying it was still .5m but rising. We set the tents up and planned to kick off about 8:30am and as people began to pull up with excitement of surfing it was clear that we would have to wait so we decided to hang out and eat some of the amazing egg and bacon sandwiches the Waihi Boardriders were grilling for everyone and just as the report said it would about 9:15am we decided to kick off after the swell was noticeably kicking up as the wind got a little more intense.
We decided to push through and the first heat hit the water at exactly 9:17am. We had several divisions, some amazing judges from the Raglan Surf Academy as well as a few legends like Don Pearson from Gisborne who decided to make the drive in support of the first CSNZ competition of the year.
The waves picked up, competition got intense and excitement began to fill the air as heat after heat more and more swell seemed to roll on in. It was an amazing day of sausage sizzles, waves and great prizes given to the winners by some amazing sponsors who supported this event.
We would really like to thank the Waihi Boardriders for all that they did to make this possible. From allowing us to use their surfer’s bracket board, tables to hold our registration and the amazing food you guys made all day during the comp. It was amazing and you guys are doing some amazing things in your surf community of Waihi.

To Ben Kennings of Surfing New Zealand; thanks so much for your help and support in getting this word out. To Gosurf.co.nz, surf2surf.co.nz, surf.co.nz, thanks so much for your support in allowing us to get this word out as well. We all had a great time and looking forward to the Jesus Comp coming up in March 2014 @ the Mount.

Taylor McDonald

Christian Surfers Waihi Beach Charity Comp 2014

Under 14 Girls Final
1st Tiana Breeze
2nd Kea Smith
3rd Ripeka Smith
4th Teina Smith

Under 14 Boys Final
1st Lee Ririnui
2nd Caleb Cutmore
3rd James Ririnui
4th Thomas Carter

Under 18 Girls Final
1st Kea Smith
2nd Milly Crewe
3rd Maia Reid Bennett
4th Tiana Breeze
5th Celeste Calway

Under 18 Boys Final
1st Taylor Hutchison
2nd Callum Chuter
3rd Daniel Farr
4th Harry McIntosh

Open Womens Final
1st Fleur Blackie
2nd Tianna Breeze
3rd Kiri Binnersley
4th Charlotte Hardy

Open Men’s
1st Zac Curle
2nd Daniel Farr
3rd Larry Fisher
4th Josh Farr


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