Meet Ross Anderson
Whakatane CS Local Mission Co-ordinator


My Story
I was born in Wales and moved to New Zealand as a teenager when my parents split up. I had given my heart to Jesus when I was around 9 and then fell away through the years that followed. Now living in NZ I rediscovered Jesus at around 14yrs old. I would love to say that it was smooth sailing but I struggled with anger, drugs, and drinking in my earlier days.

At about 18 I went for my O.E to Europe to get away from the life I was living in NZ but ended up getting into a world of  trouble! I returned to nz even more broken. I then went through a divorce unfortunately, but now i have a beautiful daughter called Maia.

After all of that I truly encountered Jesus & I have been walking strong with Jesus for about 10 years now! I’m doing youth work now and last year I completed my degree at Bible College, which is a massive achievement!

Surfing has played a huge part in my recovery in life and it’s given me a way to express my self & I find its a place I can just be me! Without Jesus and surfing I would probably wouldn’t be alive right now. So I’m so thankful that Jesus created the idea of Christian Surfers! Ross Murray who is a great friend and mentor to me introduced Christian Surfers to me and Christian Surfers Whakatane has been running now for 18 months!

I work full time for Cross Roads which is a youth ministry  in Whakatane. We work with 13 to 17 year-old boys. We try to bring a positive change in the youths lives through the love of Jesus and a change of behaviour. A lot of these boys now come to our CS local mission and get to hear about Jesus on multiple different platforms. It’s super rewarding but always has its challenges!

We have an amazing CS team here in Whakatane! Huge support  from our local churches & surf shops. John Whelan is one of your leaders and is a great support, also my right hand man Ross Murray is awesome as he is our old school CS leader with years of experience in CS. New Hope Church help out with the use of their van also Liberty Life Church are our main sponsor as we get their van and funding for food which has been amazing and if it’s raining we crash the church for movie nights. Salt spray surf school gave us their old surf boards and Spot X surf shop & the Whakatane local crew help out with passing down wetsuits and boards to our local CS Mission!

We started with 2 youth on our first surf night and now we have had over 35 come to our local CS Mission! We average around 15 youth at each CS night. Over the last 18 months we have had 10 salvations and 5 of those got baptised!

Majority of our youth come from the hood and would never get the opportunity to surf which has been awesome to use this out let to bring hope to the youth! Now we have a mix of kids and adults who come along! In summer we take all the boards down the beach and let the local community use them. Its a great opportunity to bless the community!

We have affected  the surf community massively! They see us giving the youth something positive and want to help in some way! Even if it’s calling someone into a wave when they would usually take it for themselves. We are a being visible representations of Jesus out in the water and its changing the surfing community for good!

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  • Susanna
    Posted June 8, 2018 7:48 am 1Likes

    I love to have read that, Praise the Lord! he gives us life from death.
    knowing that Jesus is all arround the world and that wherever you go you can find family on him gives me peace and joy.
    I would like to help on a CS community as soon as He wants me to go, but I think I need to be a bit stronger before. If you can pray for me. I am Susanna from Barcelona (Spain) and I had an issue health problem at my 14’s. I am 27 now and all is good But I would like to feel more stable with emotions and have more control of them. I’m am working on it, asking God to show me how to 🙂 and i belive I will be fine. Thank you Ross for sharing your Story and encourage people to open themselves and see that God still love them :)).

    • Ross Anderson
      Posted April 2, 2019 9:31 am 0Likes

      Hi sorry i haven’t Replied for like a year so sorry. Trust in God and he will lead you. I believe in saying yes. Even if u don’t feel ready just say yes to God he will not lead you to something you are not ready to do. Jesus called Peter out of the boat because He new he could walk on water. Peter sank not because of lack of faith in Jesus it was lack of faith in him self. Jesus called him because Jesus new he could walk on water. Step out of the boat trust in God and your calling. If u need any help just hit me up on Facebook. God no’s u can do it.

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