Paully Knight

Brief info

Paul Knight first got involved in CS around 2000 where he attended a few CS North Shore events-
As a 14 year old his desire to surf and the fact Auckland’s North Shore is surrounded by islands blocking swell had Paul and some other mates chasing waves outside of our local area.

This left him with operation parent bribe, or a lift with Christian surfers- fast forward 17 years, hundreds of CS camps, friends, surf trips and some lifelong relationships Paul is now a member of the CSNZ board and looks back on some of those years with a smile, knowing how critical some of those stages going from a 14 year old grommet, not knowing Jesus to being a part of an international organisation doing some amazing stuff.

Paul is a plumber by trade, he loves a good game of rugby and of course he loves surfing and the adventures that come with it.
Christian Surfers is an integral part of who he is and the people involved have most certainly shaped his life.  Paul counts it a privilege to be able to contribute to what CS is doing and where the organisation is going.