Jeff Ruddock

Board Member
Brief info

Jeff Ruddock lives at Waihi Beach with his wife Kathy. They have been married for 40 years, have 4 adult daughters, two son in Laws and a steadily increasing number of grandkids.

Even though Jeff is probably one of the oldest members of the CS Board he figures it doesn’t apply to him because he saw a quote in a café in Jeffrey's Bay (South Africa) last year that read :
“ You don’t stop surfing because you get too old. You get old because you stop surfing”
…… and he’s still surfing (quite a lot) so he figures he’s not in the old category yet.

He’s a pretty passionate sort of guy. With big love for God, his family, friends, surfing, snowboarding & mountain bike riding.
He’s done the work thing. He has spent many years in the Civil/Mining Engineering world and is trying his best to shift focus to those other passions.